Psycho-pedagogical paradigms of the Project “A MESSAGE FOR YOU”

“We only do what we repeatedly do better than we insist on improving. The pursuit of excellence should not be a goal, but a habit.” Aristotle

What strategies can be implemented focusing on improving interpersonal relationships and naturally promoting conflict reduction?

How to sanitize facilitating mental reflections in behavioral networks?

What overtly gratifying procedures can be deployed to inhibit inappropriate behavior such as unreasonable disbelief, disinterest in the collective, prejudices, and negative labeling?

How to increase the focus of citizen attention and concentration on your perceptions, visions, and postures?

How to reduce attitudes of predisposition to the exclusive view about oneself and depreciation of the other as a collaborator in psycho-social relationships?

As an organizational psychologist with a diverse background, I understand that the “A MESSAGE FOR YOU” project has crucial components that can be worked on in a natural, engaging, interactive, reflective way, and above all, proactively contaminating an entire community.

Project Target Issues

Provide changes at the subliminal level in the conflicting interpersonal relationship, present in the human scenarios involving the “self” and the “other”;

• Generate the change in the behavior of contempt and inattention to the social reality that coexists;

• To generate affective-emotional climate with reflection on messages presented thus contributing to the expansion of the level of perception of the human being;

• Increase people’s perception of the scenarios they share by provoking reflections and changes in contents such as: self-concept, pre-judgment, choices, etc;

• Create situations that generate interactivity, comments, multiplication and reflections on messages offered and thus strengthen the possibility of improvement in interpersonal relationships;

  • Present concrete and clear an innovative, simple and creative procedure that has a proactive impact on people’s behavioral repertoire, be it intra and / or interpersonal.

The methodology of the “A MESSAGE FOR YOU” project is the result of a ten years experience that has proven to be innovative, creative and unprecedented in the field of applied psychology in the human relations of urban settings.

It compiles the story of the project “A MESSAGE FOR YOU” a set of situations ranging from the direct observations made by the psychologist-author, spontaneous feedbacks, customer reports, increasing population adherence and the credibility of an event that is under total disposal of the public on a sidewalk of the city.

Everything happens without impositions, inspections, controls or orders, but under a provocative scenario of enchantment and sensitizer that occurs before every message collected by a user, whether pedestrian, driver or cyclist. The existence of a panel with proactive messages is the public invitation, daily and without any financial cost that children, young people, adults or the elderly are invited, in a subliminal way, for the reflection of concepts printed in the sentences or in the thoughts of classic authors.

The functional structure of the project “A MESSAGE FOR YOU”

The operation of the project in question is structured in concepts and foundations that reveal themselves with objectivity and with real performance in terms of proactivity.

This structure is based on the following paradigms:

· Without comparative correlates with other behavioral modification procedures, as it stimulates components such as choice, reflection, exchanges of opinions, perceptual changes, permanent inter- and intrapersonal stimulation;

· Promotes the expansion and better qualification of interpersonal communication standards, better awareness of situational images, subliminal reinforcements to proactive standards, and more.

· Observationally reveals paradigms such as: increased interactivity, timeless availability, encouragement of self-reflection, promotion of exchanges of opinions and expansion of new behavioral patterns, changes of individual and group images / visions;

· Shows significance and value by taking as a reference the application of this project for more than seven years and with the history of distribution of more than 3 MILLION MESSAGES for a group reaching the most diverse age groups (children, adolescents, maturity and the elderly ); and

· The possibility of implementation and applicability in the most diverse human scenarios, such as: educational (from pre-schools to higher level), organizational (human resources, direct care, team excellence, service delivery, sales) (Health, Education, Rh, Administration), in entities similar to NGOs and socio-sports clubs.

“When you dream alone it’s just a dream.

When we dream together is the beginning of reality.”

Don Quixote

The project “A MESSAGE FOR YOU” running in Amparo-SP, the provision of pedestrians and / or drivers, since December 2010 offers free messages printed on fillets glued to a panel. With seven years of operation, registration in the Ministry of Culture, with more than 3 million and 300 thousand messages and several records in radios and TV.

“It is proof of high culture to say things deeper, in the simplest way”


Francisco Henrique de Oliveira, Psychologist

University of Mogi das Cruzes — PUC-SP — UNICAMP

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale-USA


email Autor do Projeto “UMA MENSAGEM PRA VOCÊ”, inédito em todo mundo, registro Direitos Autoriais Reservados ao Ministério da Cultura 2013